Carlos Rivas, MS, CSCS is the Director of Health and Well-being @ ProFormance,LLC and FitCorp,LLC. He holds a bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine and a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology. Carlos is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, fitness editor for Kentuckiana Health and Fitness Magazine, Strength and Conditioning instructor for the University of Louisville Exercise Science Program, Fitness Consultant to the Miss America Program, and has more than 20,000 hours of personal training experience. Carlos can be reached by e-mail: or (502)741-9428.
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You are here Change your position regularly. Try not to stand or sit in one position for a really long time.
Press with your fingertips into the tissue at the base of your skull and upper neck and notice any areas that are painful when you press on them. Painful tissue is tight tissue and if your release that tight tissue it will help you relieve your pain, not just in the that specific area, but in other areas as well. You can stand, lie on the floor, or sit in a chair while you investigate this area for painful/tender/tight tissue.
Health Resources Pay Bill Online This complex structure includes 7 small vertebrae, intervertebral discs to absorb shock, joints, the spinal cord, 8 nerve roots, vascular elements, 32 muscles, and ligaments.
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Kitchen Tips Talking About Pain 2. ↑ Plastaras, Christopher T., Seth Schran, Natasha Kim, Susan Sorosky, Deborah Darr, Mary Susan Chen, and Rebecca Lansky. “Complementary and alternative treatment for neck pain: chiropractic, acupuncture, TENS, massage, yoga, Tai Chi, and Feldenkrais.” Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America 22, no. 3 (2011): 521-537.
Brian Blackburn, DO Neck Pain Glossary For those who do not have a Trigger Fairy, you will find self-massage instructions using your fingers or a massage ball, in written form, in images, and in video at the bottom of this page.
By doing this, the tension in the nape of the neck will usually be eased significantly.
Cold pressor test Dolorimeter Grimace scale (animals) Hot plate test Tail flick test
Hot packs: These provide relief by boosting circulation, easing stiffness, and reducing muscular spasms. To try this remedy out, just dampen a towel in warm/hot (but not scalding) water and apply it to the neck. If you use a heating pad, wrap it in a thin layer of cloth or a towel since direct contact could burn your skin.15
Many of us have this powerful anti inflammatory spice right in our spice cabinets. We are talking about Ginger and while in the past you may have only been using it to spice up your holiday pies and stir fry’s, perhaps you should also consider keeping it in your medicine cabinets as well.
All Services Neck Hero Neck Support Pillow (SOFT) When should you worry about neck pain? “The emphasis previously has been on stretching exercises, but the study showed their effectiveness alone is poor for chronic neck pain. Stretching should be combined with strengthening neck and shoulder muscle exercises,” says lead researcher Jari Ylinen.
You will want to do this technique on both sides of your body, even if your pain is only on one side.
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Have you ever injured your neck? If so, when did the injury occur? Fever or headache accompanies the neck pain
Upper Cross Syndrome Physical Medicine Modalities & Therapeutic Procedures Next the doctor will make precise chiropractic adjustments to whatever areas of deviation or instability were discovered in the exam. These gentle adjustments are designed to reduce nerve interference in the neck by restoring correct alignment to the body. Millions of satisfied patients have found lasting relief from their neck pain, whether minor, major or even chronic. Still, no particular outcome can be guaranteed, and some patients require a longer course of care than others.
MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a procedure that uses strong magnetic fields and radiofrequency energy to make images of parts of the body, particularly, the organs and soft tissues like tendons and cartilage.
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Health & Balance Bike Fitting Injury Care Newsletter How-to Research has shown that abnormal curvature of the cervical spine is not closely associated with neck pain. August 4, 2014 at 7:06 am
Herbal Remedies to Get Rid of Shoulder Pain Your spinous process is the bony part you can feel at the back of your neck.
Lawn Mowers & Tractors Many cricks only involve a minor, vague feeling of stuckness, while others result in a more literal limited range of motion. Such stuckness may even occur with relatively little pain, and it is in such cases that the feeling of stuckness is the most vivid — it just won’t move. Surely there is something truly stuck or “outta whack” in the neck when you can barely move it?
Intro Smartwatches 2018 AANS Annual Scientific Meeting Drivers More Likely to Use Their Phones When Cruise Control Is On, Study Finds Chiropractic Care in the NFL? NFL Players are Using Chiropractic for Their Sports Injuries & Your Kids Can Too! September 8, 2016
FAQs News & Innovation As soon as you feel the neck or back pain, stop doing the activity that seemingly caused it and rest. Usually two to three days is enough time for most cases of mild-to-moderate spinal back to heal or feel a lot better.
Search database 10 Easy Ways To Relieve Your Neck And Eye Strain
Olive oil can provide relief from shoulder pain. It improves the blood circulation and reduces stiffness and swelling. Heat some olive oil for a few seconds and allow it to cool. Ask someone to massage it on your shoulder. Apply pressure and squeeze the shoulder muscles well to release the stress. Do it for ten minutes. Repeat it a few times daily to get relief from the pain.
All Resources “Hi Gary- I am finding all kinds of relief with your techniques.  I am totally astounded at what you teach. I had neck pain for two months until I sat down and did your neck and shoulder pain techniques and right then and there I was almost all the way to normal!” – Helen, United States
OFF-THE-GRID Finding neck pain relief requires a clear understanding of what is causing your underlying discomfort. For instance, the treatments your doctor prescribes for a strained muscle or a sprained ligament in the cervical (upper) region of the spine will differ from treatments for chronic degenerative conditions like a herniated disc or arthritic bone spurs.
OA Could Disrupt Your Sleep PS Massage Therapy for Tension Headaches — Perfect Spot No. 1, in the suboccipital muscles of the neck, under the back of the skull.
Research on the outcomes of epidural steroid injections for chronic neck pain is limited. A review by independent experts systematically searched the professional literature for research supporting the use of epidural steroid injections for chronic neck pain. They found one published, clinical trial, which they judged to be of low quality. It showed a modest benefit.17 

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A detailed article in the January issue of 2009 of Pain Physician states clearly that “very little is known about the causes of neck pain.”38 No one should ever confidently claim to know the One True Cause of neck pain, because there are probably many true causes — many of them undiagnosable, or not reliably diagnosable — because we cannot (and may never be able to) look deeply into the living neck.
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